Jeep Wave

Radio Spot         

Jeep brand owners receive exclusive benefits with the Jeep Wave program. The Adventure On campaign's Adventure On Challenge pits three Jeep enthusiasts against one another as they compete in a treacherous obstacle course on a stunt track in Moab, Utah. The following 30 second radio spot entices Jeep lovers to audition for the challenge and learn all about the perks the Jeep Wave program has to offer.


Ambient Activation

At the beginning of the Adventure On campaign, a pop up truck with a large screen drives around busy American city centres such as Times Square. The screen is broadcasting a live feed into a Jeep, driven by a stunt driver on the Adventure On stunt track in Moab, Utah. Passersby can control what the driver does on the stunt track using the hashtag #AdventureOnStunt on Twitter. Passersby are also able to film their Adventure On Challenge audition videos in a studio inside the truck. Brand ambassadors also provide information about the Jeep Wave program.  

Team: Alessia Budaci, Rebecca Chong, Patrick Godin, Marina Lonska, Emily Powell

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